#OECD Recommendation on #Digital #Government #Strategies


Background  This Recommendation aims to support the development and implementation of digital government strategies that bring governments closer to citizens and businesses. It recognises that today’s technology is not only a strategic driver for improving public sector efficiency, but can also support effectiveness of policies and create more open, transparent, innovative, participatory and trustworthy governments.  … Read more

#European #Union #eGovernment #Action #Plan 2016-2020, Public #Consultation


 Why is a new eGovernment Action Plan needed? The current EU eGovernment Action Plan 2011-2015 is based on the Malmö Ministerial Declaration of 2009 which sets out the objectives for public administrations to invite third parties to collaborate on the development of eGovernment services, strengthen transparency of administrative processes and involve stakeholders in public policy … Read more

The developers


The developers are the new idols of innovation, at the heart of the emergence of new technological objects (drones, 3D printers, biotechnologies, etc.) and of new uses. Often hosted in the renewed basements of enterprises, sometimes hackers, they share their time between their day job and their side project, and go beyond the standard norms … Read more

Open Standards, Move Over


Andrew Updegrove is a co-founder and partner of the Boston law firm of Gesmer Updegrove LLP and an internationally recognized expert on standard setting and open source organizations and how to form them. He has represented over 70 standard setting, promotional, and advocacy consortia and open source projects. In 2005, he received the President’s Award for Journalism … Read more

Open Standards -­ a Key to Success in the Delivery of the DSM


Today, the European Commission achieved the next milestone in implementing the Digital Single Market (DSM), with the publication of a Communications package consisting of the Priority ICT Standards Plan (PISP), and of Communications on Digitisation, Cloud and the eGovernment Action Plan. With these initiatives the Commission focuses on the major technologies involved in the digital transformation of economies and … Read more

What if we owned the Internet together? It’s time to bring the co-op revolution to the web

Just a year or so ago, Bitcoin was weird. The digital ‘crypto-currency’ had become fairly notorious as a preferred medium of exchange for hackers, outlaws, and the most strenuous libertarians. The underlying blockchain technology—a secure, distributed database requiring no central server or owner—was earning the curiosity of radicals and visionaries who saw in it the … Read more

Creative Commons’ Radical Plan to Bring Joy to the Commons


As debate about the sharing economy rages, with fingers pointed at Uber and Airbnb as prime examples of what isn’t sharing, a global community is working toward a better world through…actual sharing. Creative Commons, the nonprofit organization that enables millions of people to share billions of creative works through a suite of free licenses, recently released its 2016-2020 organizational strategy. The … Read more