#Social #Democratic and #Critical #Theories of the Intellectual #Commons: A Critical Analysis

“Over the past twenty years theorizing about the intellectual commons has undeniably become a popular activity not only among scholars that deal with the dialectics between information/communication technologies and society but also among the wider scientific community. Yet, the discourse over intellectual commons and their contested relationship with contemporary laws and institutions has not been … Read more

Ballerina . A new programming language

Ballerina is a general purpose, concurrent and strongly typed programming language with both textual and graphical syntaxes, optimized for integration.   Ballerina is the premier programming language designed for integration. It allows you to connect apps and services to handle all types of integration scenarios, such as collecting top tweets from a specific location and … Read more

Good practices on building successful interconnections of base registries

In order to provide quick and user-friendly public services to citizens and businesses, public administrations are trying to adopt customer-centric approaches and readjust their ways of working. One way to achieve efficiency and increase user-friendliness is through the ‘once-only principle’. Instead of asking the citizen for information that they have already provided, public administrations will … Read more

Call for Signatories: A Better Copyright Reform for Education

COMMUNIA, together with other advocates of quality education in Europe, has developed a letter to members of the European Parliament. In the letter we express our concerns that the proposed directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market will make things worse for education. We make recommendations that would help copyright transform into copyright fit … Read more

Swiss open source directory for IT solutions and businesses

The ‘OSS Directory‘ aims to make it easier for public administrations and companies to find open source IT solutions as well as providers of open source IT services. “In the database those interested in open source IT solutions can see that for instance Linux or Postgresql is used by many others. That does not mean … Read more